Board Members

Chair Bryn Forhan

Ms. Forhan was elected as Chair for 2022 in our December 2021 Board Meeting. She represents the City of Fresno as a Citizen Representative.

Vice-Chair Brett Frazier

The Honorable Mr. Frazier was elected for 2022 in our December 2021 Board Meeting. He represents Madera County as is the District 1 Supervisor.


Boardmember Steve Brandau

The Honorable Steve Brandau, Fresno County District 2 Surpervisor, representing the County of Fresno.

Boardmember Santos Garcia

The Honorable Santos Garcia, Mayor of the City of Madera, representing the City of Madera.

Boardmember Mike Karbassi

The Honorable Mike Karbassi, Fresno City District 2 Councilmember, representing the City of Fresno.

Boardmember Carl Janzen

Mr. Janzen, the District 5 Director for Madera Irrigation District represents our Water and Flood Control agencies. During 2022, his alternate is Kacey Auston, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District.

Boardmember Julie Vance

Ms. Vance, the Regional Manager for the Central Region of the Department of Fish and Wildlife represents the Department on the Conservancy’s Board.



Kent Gresham

Sector Superintendent, Department of Parks & Recreation

John Donnelly

Executive Director, Wildlife Conservation Board

Bryan Cash

Assistant Secretary, Natural Resources Agency

Jennifer Lucchesi

Executive Officer, State Lands Commission

Karen Finn

Program Budget Manager, Department of Finance

Bryn Forhan

Citizen Representative

Paul Gibson

Citizen Representative



Citizen Representative